Friday, November 14, 2008

When ECing is not an option

There was a little while this summer where Ben was very much into ECing. He would tell me pee pee or poopy when he needed to go to the bathroom. In fact, he had three days when he was completely dry. Then, he started taking off his diaper and trying to pee anywhere but his diaper or the potty. So I laid off. Now, he is not interested. AT ALL. In fact, he is to the point where he will tell me he is not poopy if he is. I'm just waiting for awhile to see if he has another sensitive period, and then we'll do some sort of conventional potty training. I think that talking about it and being open to the child's wants is one of the biggest parts of ECing. Wish me luck!

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Charndra at Part Time EC said...

What a bummer on the major potty pause. Looking back, what contributed? (changes in his environment?)