Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Really On Restriction

OK, so I'm lucky that I'm not on bed rest, but I went in for a biophysical profile (also called a BPP) for Ben today. A BPP is an ultrasound where they look for certain things. One of those things is to see how well the baby is moving, and another is to see if the placenta is still attached. Everything came out good. The test came out good, but I'm still on restriction. I cannot lift Ben at all, and I cannot run at all. I'm having too many Braxton Hicks. . . I'm alright, and I'm going to be really careful. Today at story time, the other moms helped me chase Ben, so I wouldn't have to run. We'll make it.


Leah said...

Be careful!

From someone who's been on bed rest twice- take 'er easy there LE!

Don't worry about Ben taking his shoes off and needing to be carried. He will quickly learn that no shoes equals cold tootsies.

Robert said...

You don't know Ben. He LIKES cold feet.

Thankfully, though, we've finally found him shoes he actually enjoys wearing. He used to hate all footwear. Now he'll bring us his shoes and say, "Ou'si'?" (outside)