Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I have been ECing since my 32 month old girl was six months old. However, I just barely got the chance to read the book DiaperFreeBaby. It's a book all about ECing, and it helps anyone in any situation incorporate ECing into their lives. I realized that my "I only do this whenever it's convenient for me" idea was just what the Dr. ordered in this case. I need to make sure that I keep it low key with both of my kids. It's been great. If anyone is interested in ECing, find the DiaperFreeBaby book or a DiaperFreeBaby support group and try it. It's GREAT!

More ECing

I just had a great experience. Jackie, my two year old, just ran to the bathroom to go potty. She didn't say anything. The only problem was that she couldn't find any toilet paper. She just said, "Mom, is there any wipe in here?" So I went in and helped her with the toilet paper and she did the rest all by herself. She's been able to tell me when she needed to use the potty for a long time, but these past few weeks, she's really done well by herself. I think that the Jelly Bellies are being helpful. I think that elimination is something that is just a fact of life, and ECing is just helping children deal with it without making them sit in their own stuff. However, Jackie needed to learn how to go all by herself, so she can go to preschool this fall, so we started giving her two jelly beans every time she goes all by herself. When she takes the initiative to go and she she takes the initiative to finish all by herself, then she gets one. If I need to help her, then she doesn't get Jelly beans. But she doesn't ever miss anymore. I don't remember the last miss.