Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not doing so well with the posting

Still not doing so well with the posting. I need to just sit down and write about 1o posts at a time and schedule them for one day and then the next, so you get all the news, and I get my events posted. However, not knowing if I will or not, I definitely make no promises.

So, for this post, I'm going to put two of my favorite pictures I've taken recently. When we were packing up and moving out of our rental house, the kids were outside blowing bubbles. I hadn't mowed the lawn in a long time, and they weren't popping immediately.

The children had all sorts of fun blowing bubbles that day. As we're in our new house and hanging our pictures again, I'm reminded of some of my very favorite pictures that I've ever taken. These two are some of my very favorites. So, I'm hoping to get to take some more really awesome ones, but now that I have my SLR out of storage, I can't find the battery charger. So as soon as I get all of that figured out, I will be able to use my SLR to take pictures again. I'm looking forward to that.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Time No Post

So, it's almost been another month since I posted. I have a TON of posts that I want to write about. Therefore, I'm going to start with some of the most current ones and then go backwards. I hope to have a post every day for the next two weeks from things that have happened the last two months. I finally got my pictures downloaded to the computer. Here's a picture tour of my family reunion. I LOVE my family!

Two of my nieces out by Newspaper Rock in Canyonlands National ParkTwo more of my nieces right in front of my mama's beautiful baby grand. Aren't they gorgeous?Blue Mountain you're azure deep. Blue Mountain with sides so steep. Blue Mountain with horse head on your side, you have won my love to keep. Can you find the horse head in this picture?My family from my parents on down. Minus a few people. I'll treasure this picture for ever!