Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fantastic Phenominal Deal!!!

Need a nursing cover up?

Udder Covers is having a deal.  If you want just a Nursing cover up, it is only the $9.95 cost of shipping.  If you want to buy a gift set, (usually in the $40 range) it is $5.00 plus the $9.95 cost of shipping.  Use the Promo code Thanksgiving.

If you want to do this for a couple new moms you know, you may use it multiple times, but you need to place seperate orders.

Awesome deal, eh?

Even better: After I ordered a gift set, I got a promo code for 100% off slings at  Therefore, if you are in the market for a nursing cover up and a Tube sling, or you have someone's name for Christmas who could really use either of these products, here is the place to go! 

A LONG time between posts

Although it has been a long time between posts, I finally downloaded pictures from my camera today.  I am going to post pictures of the day before Jackie's first day of school and her first day of school.  She loved her hair. 

We rolled her hair in rags the Saturday night.  She slept in them that night and got to wear curls for church on Sunday.  She loved it.  Her hair was still extra curly on Monday, the first day of school.  She asked me to pull her hair up into pigtails, so she has two cute little curled up pigtails.  She is very proud. 

Since I am including pictures of Jackie's hair tied up in rags in this post, I will also include instruction on how to tie hair up into rags.

When cutting rags, it is best to use a wicking fabric.  (Wicking is a way to say soaks up water.)  I used flannel.

Cut the strips about an inch and a half wide and about 8-9 inches long.  If you have longer hair, you might want to cut a little longer. IF there is too much hair, it is harder to tie, but also, if you have too long on your tails, then it is harder to sleep with. 

Then, use a fine tooth comb, and seperate hair into sections.  It is easier to move the top hair out of the way and sort of go from bottom up.  You can also notice, that I could have done jackie's very bottom hair, but it was a little too short. 

Make sure when rolling the hair to fold the very bottom edges into the fabric, so it catches it and rolls a little more easily.

The rags are softer to sleep in than sponge curlers, so we use them instead.  If you decide to try it, good luck.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Update on Life

I know that some people read my blog for the interesting posts that I put on here, but I do realize that some people actually read this blog to find out what is going on in our lives.  Suffice it to say that there are some large things going on in our lives, but I can't blog about them.  Some things just do not belong on a blog for the entire known world to read about.  I could switch my blog to private and put more personal stuff on it, but at the end of the day, my blog is a social networking tool, and I like to find other people who like ECing and attachment parenting, and I have made some really cool friends and met some pretty spiffly people through this blog.  Therefore, for the known future, I will keep it public, but I will also not put on the really big nasty stuff that happens in life.

However, that said, there has been a lot happening in our lives lately, but it's not stuff I feel that I can share. 

On the other hand, here is a short synopsis of the summer travels.

Three days before Jackie got out of school, we had a family emergency, and we left for Monticello.  Rob came back almost immediately, but the kiddos and I stayed 10 days.

Then, we came back, and four days later, the older two kids left for Georgia with Rob's mama.  They went to Virginia with her to see Rob's sister and her two kids, and then they went back to Atlanta where they all met Daniel and me at the airport.  We continued to south Georgia where we hung out there for a month. 

We got to play with our friends who still live there, and we had a ball.  My kids love Rob's parents, and we really miss them while we are out here.

Then we came back home and spent a lovely two weeks in our clean house that Rob worked so hard on and then the kids and I packed up and went to my mama's house for the 24th of July.  It's a huge holiday there, and it was so much fun.  The kids loved the parade where they got huge amounts of candy, and they enjoyed the park where we ate Najavo tacos, cotton candy, and snow cones.  It was lovely.  We also played a lot with Camille.

Then, we came back, and we are almost caught up from that trip.  We probably would be except that we have had several bouts of sickness since then. 

Daniel has had yet another ear infection, and Jackie was blowing chunks while at the same time, her tonsils got so swollen that she was having some difficulty breathing.  The antibiotics worked alright for both of them.

On Friday, we took Rob to the airport where he flew to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to attend the Acadamy of Management conference.  We are missing him, but we get to pick him up at 1:30 today.

Now, our goal is to get ready for school to start.  We find out who Jackie's teacher is today, and I am also going to see if I can enroll Ben in preschool this week.  

I don't email family letters anymore.  Maybe I should.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Smart for Life

I was ecstatic to find a box on my doorstep from Smart For Life.  Mom Central is hosting a blog tour for under-WAY and Smart For Life products. 

Their product idea is that you eat cookies and drink lots of water, and you lose weight.  I don't really need to lose any pounds, but my body could use some toning after having three babies. 

They sent cookies, a bagel, and some no calorie drinks.  The drinks are sort of like a flavored water or a sports drink in flavor, but they taste all right.  The one problem that I see with them is that they still taste like they don't have any sugar in them.  I have never been a fan of aspartame or sucralose, so these products don't completely do it for me, but I had an ulterior motive for wanting to be a part of this blog tour. 

Most people who read this blog know that my husband is overweight and a diabetic.  He doesn't always want to eat what he should, so I have been keeping my eyes open for diabetes friendly foods.  Smart For Life totally fits the bill.  The products are flavorful, full of good nutrients, and full of fiber.  My favorite of all of them were the chocolate chip cookies.  They were soft, and when eat them and drank one of the under-WAY waters at the same time, they were not only edible, but pretty yummy.  If I were really wanting to lose weight, Smart For Life would be a blessing to me.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A trip to Scotland

Jackie: Hey Mom, Ben and I are going on a trip.

Mom:  Really?  Where?

Jackie: Scotland

Ben: Scotland is in Jackie's room.

Mom:  How are you going to get there?

Jackie: We were going on an airplane, but the airline canceled our flight.

Mom:  Really.  So what are you going to do instead?

Jackie: Drive.

Mom:  You can't drive all the way to Scotland.  You have to cross the water to get to Scotland.

Jackie: Oh. pause We'll drive around the water.

Mom: But Scotland is all the way across the ocean.  You can't drive that far.

Jackie:  Oh.  Then we'll take a truck to the ocean and go in a boat.

Mom:  What type of boat.

Jackie: A motor boat.

Ben:  I built the motor boat.

Jackie:  He built me one too.

Ben:  Nope.  I only built one, but I am going to share with you, Jackie.

Jackie:  We're going to share Ben's motor boat across the ocean.

Mom:  OK.

Ben: And we are going to walk when we get there.  And really, we are just going to walk.  Scotland is in Jackie's room.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So, things haven't really been going on on this blog much, and if I even still have any readers, I may be shocked.  However, I am happy to announce that I am visiting my in-laws for the next few weeks, so to those of you who are in this neck of the woods, let me know if you want to get together.  If you don't know where I am, shoot me an email at  I don't share locations with just anyone, ya know.  :)  So, my book is coming a long, and I have about half of it written.  Jackie will start first grade this fall, and she is reading pretty well.  Things are going alright with us now, but things got rocky there for awhile, so I just had to let things go.  One things I let go was this blog.  My next plan for the blog is to do a series of posts about a few sewing projects and a few posts about how I part time EC'd Daniel, and how sometime he cries if he has to poop in his diapers now.  All things considered, things are good.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Class reunion

Just so people know.  This summer is our 10 year class reunion.  If any of my classmate readers want to pass this message along, please do. 

Our 10 year reunion is going to be over the 24th of July in our home town.  Look up Ken on Facebook and join his fan of Class of 2000 facebook site.  :)  Smile big, and I hope to see many of you there.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My book

So, I am certain that some people are wondering why I haven't been posting all that often lately, and I know that's not a very big difference, but I have looked at my post list and realized that until the last few days, it has been even less often than usual. 

Therefore, I am going to tell you that I am writing a book.  It is an LDS fiction novel and therefore, not all of my readers may enjoy it, but I think that it's interesting.  (Hence the reason I'm writing it.) 

After much soul searching I have decided that I want to post the first chapter on my blog.  I haven't decided how to do that.  I would like to put it under a new tab, but I don't know how.  If any one has any suggestions on how to post it or how to insert a new tab into my home page, feel free to let me know.  Thanks.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First off, thanks to all people who wished me happy birthday today.  I had a great birthday.  I got my first (and probably only) professional massage, and it was absolutely wonderful.  A great huge bucket full of thank you to Rob.  I am not even going to try to ask how we are paying for it. . . That's between him and his fun money.

I really ought to write something lovely about my father's funeral, but really, it's all so close to my heart, and I'm still slightly depressed about that, so I am not going to write about it.  All I am going to say is that the funeral was absolutely beautiful, and all nine of my brothers and sisters and I participated in it in some fashion.  It is the only time I have played the marimba where I couldn't see the keys. According to everyone else, it sounded beautiful.

This next part is only for adults.  A southerism. . .


Naked:  Ya got all yo clothes off boy.

Nekkid:  Ya got all you clothes off boy, and y'up ta sometin'.       From Lewis Grizzard

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last complete family Picture

This is a picture of my family that we took at Ruth's wedding. It is the last complete picture of my family with my brothers and sisters and parents.  Aren't my sisters just beautiful???


I was going to write a tribute to my dad, and I really still want to, but every time I start, I get about four words in, and then I can't see the screen, so instead, I am going for something different.  Instead, I am going to give the information.

For anyone who knew him, I am letting you know that my dad's funeral is at noon on Friday. There will be a viewing first from 9:30-11:30 at the stake center in my home town. 

Rest in Peace, Dad.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm going to find myself.  If I get home before I get back, keep me here.

---Author Unkown

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Highilghts and Action Shots

Since I have been a horrible blogger, and I haven't gotten everything finished, instead of several really wonderful posts, I'm trunkating and giving one post with medium goodness.  Here's the deal.

We were planning on flying out of Lubbock's airport at 5:45 am on Christmas morning.  However, weather conditions were not favorable due to a big snow storm on December 23rd and a good inch of ice on the roads that didn't melt on Christmas Eve.  However, we did get some good times in the Snow.  We were going to build a good sized snow man, but the snow really didn't pack well.  Here is a picture of Rob throwing a snowball, but notice how the snow ball fell apart.

So, we still let the kids open their presents on Christmas Eve and only did Santa presents Christmas morning because we had promised the children.  We got a nice relaxed Christmas at home, in a clean house.  However, my house was not clean when we left for Georgia on the 27th.    We landed in Georgia, and Papa, Grandmama, and Rob's sister and her family were there to meet us.  The kids had a ball with Grandmama Robinson.  We even got to go to build a bear.  That was a great experience for my kiddos.  We had a blast with them, and then they left from Grandmama's and then Rob's stepgrandmother came to visit, and my kids loved that too. While we were there with Grandmother Pauline, we decided to have a birthday party for Daniel, so here are some highlight pictures from that. 

Daniel with his birthday cake before it was cut. My friend Kim made the cake for him as his birthday gift.  She's amazing!

Daniel with his birthday cake

Kim's daughter Tolina.  Isn's she gorgeous?!?

Jackie swinging on the swing in Grandma's yard.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rosarita Salsa

Rosarita is launching a new salsa, and I have been granted the chance to try it out.  I really liked it.  The hot is HOT, and I'm too much of a sissy for that, but I really liked the Mild.  It has a nice kick to it, but it doesn't burn my mouth, and the flavor is lovely.  The salsa has a nice sauce and is full of vegetables that give it a rich flavor.  I really liked it and would like to try it again.

This salsa is only being launched in select cities, namely LA, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix.  If you're someone who lives in one of these areas, this product will be available at select Walmarts and other grocery stores.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Rosarita and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.