Friday, July 9, 2010

A trip to Scotland

Jackie: Hey Mom, Ben and I are going on a trip.

Mom:  Really?  Where?

Jackie: Scotland

Ben: Scotland is in Jackie's room.

Mom:  How are you going to get there?

Jackie: We were going on an airplane, but the airline canceled our flight.

Mom:  Really.  So what are you going to do instead?

Jackie: Drive.

Mom:  You can't drive all the way to Scotland.  You have to cross the water to get to Scotland.

Jackie: Oh. pause We'll drive around the water.

Mom: But Scotland is all the way across the ocean.  You can't drive that far.

Jackie:  Oh.  Then we'll take a truck to the ocean and go in a boat.

Mom:  What type of boat.

Jackie: A motor boat.

Ben:  I built the motor boat.

Jackie:  He built me one too.

Ben:  Nope.  I only built one, but I am going to share with you, Jackie.

Jackie:  We're going to share Ben's motor boat across the ocean.

Mom:  OK.

Ben: And we are going to walk when we get there.  And really, we are just going to walk.  Scotland is in Jackie's room.


Nikki said...

love it! kids are too much fun and I just love the way that a brother and sister can get along so well...when they want to!

Crisanja said...

Aww!! That is sooo cute!