Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Blog Roll

OK, if you notice the new addition to the right hand side of my blog, you'll notice that I have changed the style of my blog roll. If you know that I read your blog, and you aren't on there, I would like you to be. Please comment at the bottom and leave your link, so I can add you. It takes time to go surfing through all of my friends' blogs to find your links periodically. If you aren't here, and you want to be, you probably belong in group number one, so please comment here, and leave your link so I can add you. :) If you don't want to be on the side, and you want me to remove you, I will, but it will really cause me pain, so please mail me cookies to take the edge off. :) This new method is exciting. It lets me know when people actually post, so I know when to go looking and when going to the blog to see the same post that has been there for three weeks (I know, I'm just about the only person that does that) is a waste of time. Thanks!


*Disclaimer: If you're an animal rights activist or a person who loves all animals equally, or a person who loves mice and thinks they're adorable, cute creatures, this post is not for you. Please don't read it. I mean it. Honestly, I don't want your advice on this one, and this post may make you angry, so just do yourself a favor and skip this one.*

Mice. On Cinderella, they're these cute little creatures that wear clothes, help clean and sew a dress. In real life, they're creatures who take over your house, poop everywhere, and walk all over your clean dishes. I'm still not over the slow cooker incident. I'm not sure if I shared it on here or not, but for those curious people, I will write a shortened version in this post.

One night, very soon after we moved into this house from Mom-in-law's house, knew we had mice. I worked really hard to put all of our food into plastic, airtight containers, (I mean, $150 worth of plastic containers hard) cleaned my kitchen to where I could not see a speck of food out of place, and vacuumed my living room until I thought my arms were going to fall off. The only problem was that I as I was scrubbing my slow cooker, I couldn't get all of the stuck on food off. I tried. Really I did. I scrubbed and scrubbed at that thing, but sometimes, all scrubbing is useless unless you let the water do the job of softening it up over night. So, I filled up the slow cooker bowl with water, put some detergent in it, left it in the sink, and went to bed. The next day, I picked it up to dump out the water, and as the soap suds poured down the drain, there, floating in the water was a dead mouse. Yes. Dead Mouse. AAAAHHHHHCCCC. Rob swears that when I saw it and screamed, I also jumped at least 2 feet off the ground when I jumped backward. Knowing myself, I probably did.

So, with the slow cooker incident in the back of your mind, know that I sticky traps and mice cubes all over my house. I don't have the kind that snap shut only because I don't want one of my kids to find one and have it snap on their fingers. I have no qualms about breaking the mouse's leg and letting it die. Some people want to just catch it, and let it go back outside. I don't. He found his way in once, and mice can do a maze over and over again. I don't want him to find his way back inside again. Also, I don't want to get close enough to actually touching the mouse to let it go. Into the trash can they go. Safe and snug inside their little mouse cubes.

So, here in lies the question. There have been mice in this house since we moved in. I know that the ovens worked when the people before us lived here. However, the mice got behind the ovens in the time between the previous family and our family. I think that they might have gotten to some of the wiring.

Not knowing that the ovens do not actually work, I'm afraid to call the landlord and tell them that they may be broken. On top of that, I'm afraid that if I call him to come see if the ovens, work, he may turn them on to find out. If he does, and the mice did get to the wiring, we wouldn't know it until something drastic happened. When we moved in, we went and bought a tiny toaster oven. I successfully made cupcakes in it the other day. I had to cook 7 cupcakes at a time in the individual metal cupcake wrappers. It took four times through the toaster oven before they were all cooked, so in the 22 minutes they would cook in a real oven, it took almost an hour and a half of just baking to finish them in the toaster oven. I sort of figured it was a small price to pay to have the house not burn down. However, I am wondering how in the world I am ever going to make Jackie's birthday cake this year. I could go bake it at Mom R's house, or I could just buy one. Homemade cakes tend to taste better than store bought cakes, and asking about Mom R's kitchen makes me slightly uncomfortable. Should I just break down and call the landlord? What if we check it, and it seems alright, but when the wires really get hot from the oven being on for awhile, we find out we were wrong? Also, what if we don't have the mice gone, and they do more damage than we think they should? So, there is the conundrum. What do you think? Call the Landlord, buy a cake, or ask Mom R?

Friday, May 22, 2009

One of the cutest all time pictures ever

OK, so this is completely opinion based, but this is a picture of my friend Amber while we were at her house. We went to Warner Robbins to see the air show a few weeks back, and I finally got the pictures downloaded to my computer. Here is a picture of Daniel sleeping on Amber. She was lying on the couch with Daniel on her chest and he scooted up there all by himself. She was awesome about it too. She just laid as still as she could.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I won I won I won

So, I had a wonderful, Medela Pump In Style, and I loved it. However, I don't know how, but it somehow ended up in storage. I thought it was in one specific box where I told Rob to put it, but when I pulled out that box after Daniel got here, the pump is not in it. It's gone. GONE! Well, I love my friend at Life As Lou. I won a breastpump! It's one of Evenflo's new double electric pumps and it's BPA free! That's right friends, Evenflo has created a BPA free breast pump, and I'm doing another happy dance. Thanks Lou!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movin' right along

So, not very much later, and look at my house again! Yippee yippee yippee. Yes, this is me doing the happy dance. Check it out!

OK, the picture is not of me doing a happy dance, it's of the front of my house. The roof is finished, garage door inserted, and look at my beautiful Bay window!!! The inside is moving right along, too, but I'm not planning on posting the rest of my pictures, I want it to work. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our House is Framed

For all Mom's reading this, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. I did.

I have been promising to post this post for a while, but here it is. Our house is completely framed.

Here is the picture of it so far.

Monday, May 4, 2009

So much for the once a week goal

I know that there's a once per week goal. I have several pictures downloaded, but lately, I have had a hard time getting them downloaded to my blog. My internet connection has been pretty crazy. I have pictures of this, but since I'm afraid to try to put them on my blog, I'm just going to write about our time in Warner Robins. We went to the air show at Warner Robins this week. It was so much fun. Thanks to our friend Amber for inviting us! We had such a great time.
We left Friday after Rob got off work, and we got to Warner Robins about 9. We wanted to play games, but the kids didn't go to bed until late.

The next morning, we left for the air show around 10, but it took us longer to get on base and to the place. The coolest thing about the air show was getting to walk through the planes. They had a C130 that when I called my dad about it, he said he had ridden in one when he was in the air force. I loved seeing how it might have been for Dad a little bit. The kids really loved getting on the airplane and taking pictures. Jackie and Ben both took pictures, and it they turned out great.

We also got to see a bi-plane doing stunts. It was incredible. I was so glad to see this.

Daniel didn't like the noise very much. (Read: as soon as the jets started, he started screaming until we left.) So we left about noon. But the kids had a ton of fun playing outside in Amber's backyard with her sidewalk chalk and running through her sprinkler. They loved it. They got so tired that they fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner, so we just got Japanese food and took it back home. However, they did wake up as soon as we got home, so when we put them to bed at bedtime, they didn't go to sleep. Instead, they found the sunscreen in our suitcase and smeared it on Amber's walls.

Instead of church Sunday morning, Amber took me to Wal-mart to get paint supplies so I could repaint her walls. If these had been my walls, I would have waited, but I couldn't just go home and leave her house with the damage all over her walls. So a great big huge thank you to Amber, and we had a great time. And again, I'm sorry about her walls.