Monday, May 4, 2009

So much for the once a week goal

I know that there's a once per week goal. I have several pictures downloaded, but lately, I have had a hard time getting them downloaded to my blog. My internet connection has been pretty crazy. I have pictures of this, but since I'm afraid to try to put them on my blog, I'm just going to write about our time in Warner Robins. We went to the air show at Warner Robins this week. It was so much fun. Thanks to our friend Amber for inviting us! We had such a great time.
We left Friday after Rob got off work, and we got to Warner Robins about 9. We wanted to play games, but the kids didn't go to bed until late.

The next morning, we left for the air show around 10, but it took us longer to get on base and to the place. The coolest thing about the air show was getting to walk through the planes. They had a C130 that when I called my dad about it, he said he had ridden in one when he was in the air force. I loved seeing how it might have been for Dad a little bit. The kids really loved getting on the airplane and taking pictures. Jackie and Ben both took pictures, and it they turned out great.

We also got to see a bi-plane doing stunts. It was incredible. I was so glad to see this.

Daniel didn't like the noise very much. (Read: as soon as the jets started, he started screaming until we left.) So we left about noon. But the kids had a ton of fun playing outside in Amber's backyard with her sidewalk chalk and running through her sprinkler. They loved it. They got so tired that they fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner, so we just got Japanese food and took it back home. However, they did wake up as soon as we got home, so when we put them to bed at bedtime, they didn't go to sleep. Instead, they found the sunscreen in our suitcase and smeared it on Amber's walls.

Instead of church Sunday morning, Amber took me to Wal-mart to get paint supplies so I could repaint her walls. If these had been my walls, I would have waited, but I couldn't just go home and leave her house with the damage all over her walls. So a great big huge thank you to Amber, and we had a great time. And again, I'm sorry about her walls.

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