Friday, March 12, 2010

My book

So, I am certain that some people are wondering why I haven't been posting all that often lately, and I know that's not a very big difference, but I have looked at my post list and realized that until the last few days, it has been even less often than usual. 

Therefore, I am going to tell you that I am writing a book.  It is an LDS fiction novel and therefore, not all of my readers may enjoy it, but I think that it's interesting.  (Hence the reason I'm writing it.) 

After much soul searching I have decided that I want to post the first chapter on my blog.  I haven't decided how to do that.  I would like to put it under a new tab, but I don't know how.  If any one has any suggestions on how to post it or how to insert a new tab into my home page, feel free to let me know.  Thanks.


le35 said...

It is now posted in the link that says my book chapter. I probably won't leave it up for very long though. :) Maybe a month.

Anonymous said...
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Anderson's said...

I like the book, it seems interesting, I was hooked quickly. Can I make 2 suggestions without offending?

In the first paragraph you were talking about george, then suddenly went to georgia for the rest of the chapter. I would just change the first few to georgia.

You kept trading from different people's thoughts. Are you going to do transitions of some sort? Are there going to be extra spaces between the different people's thoughts? I followed it ok, but I had to keep changing my thought patterns with out being prepared for it.

Hope I didn't upset you. I am realy excited for the rest of the book.

le35 said...

Hey M,

Thanks for the comments.

As to the first comment, I am hoping that you're thinking that she's waiting for a boyfriend to get there, like Pete is. Maybe I need to let Pete hear her say something like "Where is George?" And then you realize that it's her best girlfriend.

As to comment 2, the formatting got messed up in the transfer. I am stinky with the web page thing. If you want to read it in Word with the real formatting and see if the problem still exists, then I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the comments. I need some solid constructive criticism.

Katie said...

Loved it! It really was well written, and it pulled me right in. I can't wait to read the whole thing:) (Sorry it took so long for me to read it, I'm silly and didn't even notice the link until today.:)

sally7kids said...

hi. we don't know each other. i'm an LDS grama with 26 grandkids and 7 kids. one of our daughters is very much into AP, homeschooling and breastfeeding. she just had their seventh child and i think you two might like to communicate. we'll see. she's at:

Crisanja said...

I had the honor of reading the first few chapters in their original formatting, and didn't have a problem at all with following. I actually liked the George/Georgia mix up because you really do think she's waiting for a guy, but maybe sporadically throughout the book, she calls her george as a pet nickname for when they are speaking to each other. And in other instances use Georgia, I know sometimes that people use different nicknames for different people, so perhaps she calls her george but the others in the group of friends call her georgia. and thats because the two girls are closer since they are roommates and therefore have a more intimate bond.