Thursday, November 6, 2008

I can't find my FrankenKozy!

I have a mei-tai style sling that I made using these directions. (Jan at has a whole bunch of great sewing goodies for moms of young children, please go check her out. I'm sending you to the entire site, so if you want a ring sling, feel free to peruse, but if not, over on the right hand side on the top tool bar, there is an about sbp link. Under that, click on do it yourself.) My FrankenKozy is wonderful! In fact, it's so wonderful that I made two and used them both. My new problem is that I can't find it, and I must have put it in storage. A lot of my sewing stuff went to storage, but this is one thing that I'm slightly devestated about. When I find it, I'm hoping to do a post about the different styles of baby wearing instruments I have tried out and which ones I like most and which ones I don't. There. You all have something to look forward to.

At this point, you have several things: Upcoming sometime next week is hopefully a step by step instruction list of how to make Thai sticky rice. Also, a review on different types of slings. Just lots of goodies to come!

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