Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fast Sunday

So, I have a really hard time on Fast Sundays while I'm pregnant. I feel like I'm missing something. But today, both of my kids had green snot coming out of their noses, and they were both running low grade fevers, so they had to stay home from church. Grandma and Papa weren't feeling very well either, so they volunteered to watch the kids. That was a huge blessing for me because the Primary president was sick, the first counselor was out of town, and the second counselor just got released a couple weeks ago and called to be the Young Women's president. With no primary presidency in the primary, someone had to fill in. The primary president asked me to do that. I didn't mind. However, I was really wondering this morning when both of my kids woke up sick how we would handle that. Rob was filling in for the youth sunday school teacher who was also out of town. In our branch, there is a large shortage of substitutes for things like that.

Filling in for primary was a blessing though. I got really lucky. Since my kids weren't there, and I had to be there, I had the opportunity to sit through an entire fast and testimony meeting. I felt like I should get up and say my testimony simply because I had the opportunity, and I was so grateful to be listening to an entire meeting! I also volunteered to play the organ today. Do you know how nice it is to hear the organ instead of the CD's? Anyway, I know that this might not make sense to everyone. In our church, the first Sunday in each month is set aside for fasting (but pregnant women are not supposed to fast) and on that same Sunday, we don't schedule sermons or talks. People from the congregation are given a chance to stand up and tell about their testimony of the gospel and our savior. The Holy Ghost is very strong at these meetings. I was very grateful to be able to listen, and maybe Heavenly Father just knew that I needed this more than anything else right now. I needed a time to be taught instead of always to teach.


Robert said...

Today's testimonies were especially powerful. In my own case, I went up there with nothing in my head at all to talk about, and (as usually happens when I do that) I felt the Spirit more strongly myself as a result. Each testimony was precious and beautiful. I especially loved the one about visiting another church and how the Spirit changed because that family shared their faith so powerfully.

Thanks for playing the organ. It really was nice to have that today.

Kim said...

Elli thank you so much for Filling in for me. I am really glad you had a good Sunday, it is really nice when you are able to listen really listen to the talks given.