Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a good husband

My Rob is a wonderful husband. I went to my friends' new house today to return her crock pot. She had brought some chili over, and we all ate it together right before she moved. I forgot to take it over when I was helping her pack, so I had to drive 30 miles to return it. That was OK because I just couldn't stay home today.

I was so tired when I got back, so Rob cooked our frozen pizza and then he also put the kids to bed. What a great husband! Thanks Rob. Now, it's 11:30, and he wanted to make sure I got my post in for the day, so even though I've already been to bed for two-three hours, he helped me do my post. I wasn't going to post on this but considering that I'm tired, and it is 11:30, this is a great post, and I do love Rob! :)


Robert said...

Thank you. I'm just sorry the post came at the expense of a lot of sleep lost after you'd just managed to regain some. Hopefully today you can post before going to bed so you don't have so much trouble going back to sleep tonight.

Katie said...

To Rob: Thanks so much for taking good care of Ellie. It really means a lot to me that she has someone like you. I know that you make her happy, and she totally deserves that. You are a great guy.

Robert said...

Thanks, Katie. She means a lot to me. She's quite a woman.