Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Preliminary Finding

So, after trying both the knit wrap and the cotton homespun wrap (with borrowing my friend Danielle's baby) I have decided that both of them have good and bad to them. The homespun wrap is not as movable once it is tied either in the back or the front. The knit wrap, however, is very easy to maneuver once the baby is in, and it's on. That one feature of both of them is both a pro and a con for both of them. If you are going to carry a baby bigger than say, 20 pounds, I would recommend the non-stretchy material for a wrap. If you have a new born that would need to be moved to nurse and then put back in a different fashion, then go for the kit. The knit is so stretchy, that sometimes the baby seems to slip around a little more, and it's harder to get the fabric tight. But the woven wrap was good to keep the baby in the same space, but I had to keep untying it when she would get tired of being in the same position so long. I may change my mind after my own little guy comes along, but that's the consensus with my friend's six week old girl who is about 11 pounds. If anyone has more experience, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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