Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who will fight for me?

Having become addicted to talk radio sometime within the last year, (Let's just say that I now understand why Daddy used to keep the radio on in the kitchen with the am station playing while he cooked.) I have been listening to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin almost every time I get in the car, and I retreived my old stereo from the garage and put it my music room, so I could keep the radio tuned to 100.7 FM out of Tallahassee. Last night, on the Mark Levin show, someone commented on France, ( and today, more than ever, things just clicked for me.

Universal health care would cost money. Our country is already over spending, so how would we fund universal health care? Senators Obama Clinton would fund it by getting out of the war. Just cut the military. We cut the military while people think more and more medical items are necessary, so medical care costs rise, so we cut the military some more. The cycle is vicious. Here is where France comes in. France has universal health care. They gave up their strong military values a LONG time ago. But when France got themselves into trouble, who fought for them? Who finished the world wars? The United States. The United States has been the world police ever since.

When we hear Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Barack Obama's speeches we hear how much they're going to change things. Yes. They will change things, but at what expense? When we write into legislation that we'll bring the soldiers home on a certain date, we're writing a poster board sized party invitation to the terrorists. Hey, we're stopping funding our military on January 21, 2009 because we've decided that universal health care is more important! Come get us.

When we stop funding the military for universal health care, and the terrorists come, who will fight for the United States. Right now, I'm more than happy to pay the military families for their insurance and for their salaries. But when we fire them for universal health care, who will fight for me?

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Robert said...

This post reminds me at least a little bit of the writing of the Lutheran minister displayed at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. It lays out the various groups that were taken by the Nazis, each time saying "They came for [this group], and I did nothing." and finally says, "When they came for me, there was no one left to say anything."

I do not liken Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to the Nazis, but I do wonder sometimes who is going to be left to say anything if they get their way and vote in a lot of their ideas with the Democratic Congress, and then things suddenly start getting worse. What can we do then to reverse course? It's always so much harder to repeal laws than it is to pass them. Here's hoping the next four years aren't rocky ones.