Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sick, sick also, and sick too

My chlidren's and my name could all be changed to sick this week. It seems that sick defines us almost completely. The only thing that would define us more is to call us Flu bugs. We spend 90% of our days laying in bed, getting out only to forage for fliuds and medicine. My MIL has been great. We've been living at Grandma's since Tuesday morning. Thanks Grandma! However, I feel bad for Grandma having to help so much with the kiddos, so either tonight or tomorrow night, we'll move back home.

Tonight is the Virtual Book Club over at Melissa's blog, so come on over and have a great discussion with us about Boomsday! 8:30 CST! I'm looking forward to it. Only a little over three hours from now! :)

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