Friday, February 29, 2008

God's hand in my life

Some people may wonder whether or not a post with the above title belongs on a blog about a parenting style. For me, God goes hand in hand with my parenting. In fact, I hope that he influences every part of my parenting. I have been hoping to write this post all week, but today is the first time that my thoughts are coherent enough to really write anything understandable.

On Sunday, I had a lovely time at church. When we got to Sacrament meeting, Jackie asked to go sit with an older couple in the branch (whom she calls Papa and Grandma with their surname.) Then, Ben went to sleep within the first 15 minutes, so I got to listen to the talks! Listening to those talks was a special gift to me right now. The speaker was talking on this talk by President Henry B. Eyring. It gave me the thought that I need to be more grateful in my life. President Eyring started talking about how he learned to write things down, and he started writing how he could see "the hand of God" in his life. This blog is sort of my journal. There are written posts that I haven't published because they're only for my personal journal. However, at the bottom of each post, I am going to write how I've seen the hand of God in my life. I hope that it will help me be more grateful for my blessings and change my focus so that I will also become a better mom.

I've seen God's hand in my life this week by the fact that he put Rob and I so close to Rob's parents, and they've been so wonderful helping us through all this illness.


Gwen said...

It is lovely to have family to help out when you're sick. The flu has been terrible everywhere lately! I hope you are all on the mend.

Robert said...

I see God in my life every time I look into the faces of my family. I see it now, as my son practices playing the marimba, trying to see what makes each note different and why his hand sounds different from the mallet head. I see God in their joy, their keen minds, and their love. I see it in the love we all share.