Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Favorite

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks to Rob, I thought about the option of changing the look of my blog. I like this much better than the last one. Thanks for helping me learn how to do it, Rob!

I decided that since it was my contest, I should still post what would be my entry if it were anyone else's contest.

I have many favorites in life, but I'm going to write about my favorite person. My husband is my very best friend. I love him. He's kind, thoughtful, fun to be around, and he's really smart. When we started chatting, we talked about some of my favorite things. He started telling me about an interesting book he'd just finished. I went to the library and picked it up to read it. I couldn't put it down, and the last page ended before the next day. The next night, we discussed the book in detail, and through that discussion, we were able to learn how much more we had in common.

My wonderful husband has helped me through some of my toughest times. Anytime I can't help but cry, he holds me. When I had my miscarriage, he held my hand through it and always worked to help me know that it wasn't my fault. Even though I'm not a very good housekeeper, I don't have to worry about him coming home and asking what I did all day. He knows that I'm keeping his children happy and that's more important than our home. I love my husband, and he truly is my best, favorite friend.

I chose this picture because his love is evident, and one of his best qualities is that he is a wonderful daddy.


Katie said...

Oh Ellie, I love that. It was beautiful! I love the picture too. You are right, you can tell that he is a good dad and filled with love just by looking at it.

Robert said...

Thank you for the kind words. Happy Valentine's Day. Any idea where that little boy in the picture went? :)

le35 said...


Thanks for the comment! I love him bunches, and I'm glad that came through.


That little boy in the picture is gone. He's SO not a baby anymore, and he doesn't look just like you anymore either. He's looking more and more like a grown up little boy.

Robert said...

I am so glad he does. He is a wonderful boy, and he brings a lot of joy to anyone who encounters him. His laugh is one of the most wonderful sounds on the planet. Thanks for having him. :)