Monday, February 18, 2008

Boomsday: A book review

Melissa over at Taking What is Left is having a book club on February 28th at 8:30 CST. The book is Boomsday by Christopher Buckley. It is availble on Amazon, and I could not find it at Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million (see a previous post.) I decided I needed it almost immediately so that I could have time to read the book. I found it here.

It was an interesting book. It takes the blogging world and throws it into the world of politics. Cassandra Devine is a blogger who realizes that the nation is in trouble. The Baby Boomers are all retiring, and Social Security can go bankrupt. To stop this from happening, Congress just passed a law that makes people under 30 pay an extra tax to fund Social Security. Horrified, Cassandra (Cass) blogs about rallying against the baby boomers. The book begins with Cass axiously waiting for her father to arrive home from work. She holds an envelope with an acceptance to Yale in her hands, and she can't wait to share it with her father. By some means, she ends up going into the military first, and then that throws Cass into a series of events. This book is full of laughs as the page turns, but it's liberally peppered with swearing (especially the "f word.) There is also some sex in it, but it is not at all explicit. Therefore, I probably won't read another of his books, but it is full of fodder for a good political discussion, so I can't wait for the discussion night!

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