Friday, February 22, 2008

101 Things about me

Melissa (Taking What is Left) asked why I didn't do a 100 Things about me for my 100th post. The answer is two fold. I wanted to do the Hump Day Hmm instead, and I also decided to do a 101 Things about Me instead.

1. I'm a mom
2. Twice over
3. I believe in Christ
4. I agree with most of the attachment parenting ideals
5. I enjoy Elimination Communicating with my children
6. I view ECing as more of a communication than potty training
7. I teach piano lessons
8. I teach violin lessons
9. I majored in percussion for three and a half years
10. But I finished in Criminal Justice instead
11. I handle tantrums well.
12. My main goal in life is to be happy
13. My favorite instrument to play is the marimba
14. My favorite possession is probably my scriptures
15. My husband is my best friend
16. Even whem my kids are sleeping at night now, I can't
17. English is my only language
18. I don't like any of the presidential candidates left in the race
19. I do like the idea of the Fair Tax
20. IKEA is my favorite store
21. I love to run
22. Cross Country is my favorite sport to watch
23. I love cheesy romantic fiction
24. I only have twenty-four teeth.
25. But all of my front ones.
26. One of my goals is to become a La Leche League leader
27. I am hoping I can then start a La Leche group here.
28. I am growing an addiction to blogging.
29. I live for naptime and bedtime
30. I used to dispise Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
31. Now I love it.
32. I have to favorite piano pieces: Alla Turka by Mozart and Serenade by Shubert
33. Almost every day, I look forward to tomorrow. (This is big for me.)
34. I don't really mind hurricane season.
35. I love my relationship with my in-laws
36. I have a wonderful one with my side of the family, too
37. And my husband does, too!!!
38. I don't like humidity
39. I grew up at 7,000 feet above sea level
40. Now I live less than 500 feet above sea level
41. Although I live in the south, I'm a western girl at heart
42. It still bugs me when people say "Yes, ma'am."
43. I say "Yes ma'am" to other people
44. I don't feel like a hypocrite about "Yes, ma'am"
46. I think that people have to adapt to the social etiquite when they are in different places. Try to be nice to others how they expect it.
47. People still say, "Ya ain't from 'round here are ya?" to me.
48. I believe in voting
49. I believe in others voting, even it it isn't for my candidate
50. I love the way Jackie prays.
51. I feel sort of guilty for weaning Ben
52. Every day, I wonder, "Am I doing this right?"
53. I love to read
54. When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be a boy
55. I was still bitter that I couldn't when I was 21
56. Sometimes I'm still bitter that I'm a girl
57. Being a mom more than makes up for not getting to be a daddy
58. I have a strong conscience
59. I work to always obey set rules
60. I like to be creative
61. I have two websites.
62.Ellie Bellie Baby
63.Specialty Toddler Bedding
64.I share Ellie Bellie with one of my Best friends.
65.I started them to fund my crafts.
66.And because of an idea another friend had.
67.One of my dreams is to go to law school.
68.But for now I'm raising my kids.
69. My Dad was born in Mexico.
70. But he's not really a Mexican.
71. Though my husband enjoys telling people he is sometimes.
72. Mostly people who complain too much about "them [beep] Mexicans."
73. Both of my dad's parents were born in Mexico, too.
74. But they weren't really Mexican, either.
75. I'm the youngest of nine children.
76. I have three sisters.
77. And five brothers.
78. I love them all dearly.
79. One of my favorite jokes is: there are three kinds of people in this world.
80. Those who can count.
81. And those who can't.
82. I have one other favorite joke.
83. What did the snail say when he rode on the turtle's back? Wheee!!
84. I don't always pick up on other people's jokes.
85 . I love puns.
86. I have twenty-five nieces and nephews
87. Twenty-three on my side
88. Two on my husband's side
89. I love photography
90. I have been the main photographer at a wedding
91. I have also gotten more of my photos into a man's campaign literature than the governor's photographer
92. I am opinionated
93. Sometimes sharing my opinions gets me into trouble
94. I love to debate
95. Disagreement can be a good thing
96. Fighting cannot
97. I think that life is all about attitude
98. I met my husband online
99. We were just playing Yahoo pool
100. Ammon is my favorite boy's name
101. My husband won't ever let me use it


melissa said...

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

And yes, Ikea rocks. They opened one up here in Austin about a year ago. Sigh....:) Spouse calls me the world's darkest Swede.

Robert said...

We are both unfortunate and fortunate enough to not have an Ikea closer than four hours from us. We might actually move in, should they locate one nearby. The food is good and reasonable, the store is like a funhouse for parents and kids, and there's even comfortable places to work, sit, and sleep. What's not to love?

le35 said...

LOL. IKEA is so much fun! So are you a fan of their Sweedish meatballs? I love them, too.