Friday, May 11, 2007

The crazy world of cleaning house

Anyone who knows me will agree with me when I say that I am notoriously disorganized. Amazingly enough, I can be that disorganized and still get oodles done every day. However, with the disorganization comes a horribly messy house. I don't like a "dirty" house, but it's hard to keep the underneath clean when the mess covers everything. I got so sick of my house that I have hired a girl to come help me four hours a week.

I have discovered a breakthrough in homemaking. It's called She gives tips on how to keep your house clean! And they work!!! You would not believe it. Just follow the system for a week and see if your house is not cleaner.

You say, "How does this help me be a better parent?" Well, it helps me. Being a young mother with a two year old and an infant, I feel like I have to watch my children like a hawk, making sure that they aren't becoming the vacuum cleaner because I didn't get the floor cleaned up to use the electronic vacuum. Things are definately looking up. We have eaten at home for all our meals this week except for Tuesday at lunch (and that was planned to be out.) Our family went out almost every day last month. Our budget was feeling it. It scares me though, to eat something I've cooked in a dirty kitchen. Therefore, when my kitchen was in its old state, I could not cook at home. THANK YOU flylady!!!

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Robert said...

I am SO proud of how well Ellie has done with this new cleaning plan. Our house has gone from generally messy to very clean in a short period of time. We are still working through some trouble spots, but it is amazing how quickly you can see the results of what she's doing. The kids really like it, and I can tell it gives Ellie a lot more peace each day. I especially like coming home to a nice, clean home with a happier family (I'd give up the clean house in a minute if it came at the expense of my family's happiness). I could not recommend the program she is following more highly.