Sunday, May 6, 2007

Naptime, my favorite

Right now, it is naptime. Both of my kids are asleep. I am sitting in the chair in their room right now with them while they sleep. My son, who will be seven months old next week is in his crib, (but co-sleeps at night), and my daughter is in her own toddler bed. I love this time of the day. My house is so peaceful, and my kids are happy when they wake up from their naps. This is one time of day that I live for. My daughter moved into her own bed around her two year old birthday. We got her a toddler bed, and she has loved sleeping in it. She sleeps right across the hall from us, and she ends up in our bed at around 4 am consistently. Either that, or I come back in here and sit with her while she goes back to sleep. She is a very good girl, and we love her. I'm so glad for naptime, what would I do without it?!?

In the end, I love co sleeping, but I also love it when they are in their own beds, too. There comes a point where there just isn't room for all of us in the bed. My two year old will kick the baby. Sometimes she sleeps on a blanket on the floor at the foot of our bed instead. However, her own bed is one of her favorite places. I think that everyone's attachment parenting is their own, and everyone has their own style.

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