Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Air conditioning filters and power

So, today while the girl I hired was here helping me clean, my house got hot. I thought that it was just because we had both been cleaning. We did clean out the fridge. We took all the food off each shelf (if the food looked like it was becoming a science fair project, we tossed it), and took the shelves out, washed them in hot, soapy water, wiped down the fridge and put the food back. We did it with the freezer, too. We also got the living room cleaned up and the kitchen floor swept and mopped. All in all, it was success. However, understandably we felt hot. So, I took her home, and I went back home to cook dinner. I just kept getting hotter and hotter as time went by. Finally, I had dinner ready, and we ate tacos. By this time, I was feeling really hot, but I had been working all day, and then I was cooking on a hot stove. Oh well, so we ate dinner, and I was sweltering. We went to my friend's daughter's softball game tonight, and Jackie played on the playground by the ball fields. We were smelling smoke (A wild fire broke out within 15 miles of here), so we decided to go home. We got home, and I again thought, "The house is so hot!" Finally, I ended up looking at the thermostat, wonder of wonder, it read 80! It was set at 70.
We went to Wal-mart to find a filter, but they didn't have the right size, so we tried one that was the wrong size, and the air conditioner wouldn't turn on. Instead, we went out to the garage to look one more time for an air filter, and there was a stack of 4 right in the garage. Somedays, I'm such a dork!

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