Friday, May 4, 2007

Confessions of an ECing parent

For the past few days, my lovely, completely graduated ECer has decided that she does not want to put her pees in the potty. She has communicated that very clearly. She wants to put them on the floor in her room, in the pull-ups she wears to bed at night (because she often sleeps so soundly that if I don't put pull-ups on her, she wakes up in a cold, wet bed), or on the bathroom floor. Those were the three times she purposely "missed" yesterday. After those three misses, I put pull-ups on her, and she peed in those twice. We weren't really out of sinc, she was just wanting to be a baby. Oh well, she seems fine today. She's already peed in the potty twice. But lately, she'll just randomly miss. Or she'll wait until she ABSOLUTELY HAS to go before she will tell me. I think that we need to work on our communicating better. Oh well. Good luck to all ECing moms in the world.

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