Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life in the sick lane

For a little while, it seems like life just flows along, like 2:00 traffic. It's before school gets out and way before after work traffic begins. However, it's after the lunch break, so everyone's back at work by then. There are a few bumps and unexpected items, but all in all things seem to work out. Then, one day, everyone gets sick. My two year old had it first, and everyone else seemed to be OK, and then, right when she got over it, everyone else got it, all at the same time. YUCK. We all stayed home from church on Sunday because we didn't want to share. My poor infant would just cough so hard he would throw up. Now, I'm used to spit up, but this wasn't just spit up. It was out and out vomiting. It's times like this where it gets hard to be a stay-at-home/attachment parent.
Instead of lots of love, I just want to go lay him in the crib while I lay in my bed and die. Sadly enough, although I was sick too, I got very little extra sleep. I'm ready to sleep for a year. But while nursing my son, I get up in the night with him. I'm glad that I don't just stay awake listening to him cry though. Sooner or later, I'll get some sleep. Maybe when I'm 45.

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