Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our Labor Day Trip

The name of this post is slightly skewed because our trip is in the process of concluding, (I'm writing this post while Rob is driving south on I-75 with Rob's most awesome cool new toy, the Moto-Q) and it isn't Labor Day. I named the post Our Labor Day trip because we took this trip with our friends, Kim and Erik, and their little girl Tolina which we planned specifically over the Labor Day weekend because Eric had Friday off of work. Therefore, here is the beginnings of our Labor Day weekend.

Kim and I were planning on driving up (or more accurately Kim driving all of us due to my current balance condition) to Atlanta with the kids on Thursday morning or afternoon. Then, the guys were going to come up Friday after lunch when Rob got off work. Due to the Dr. and Jackie's preschool open house, our plans had to change. Kim and Eric also had to change their plans because Kim had homework. Rob, Jackie, Ben, and I left Friday at 2:00 to go up to Atlanta. We only had to stop once, and we made it to the north side of Atlanta in good time. We had fun. We got to go to the temple together while Kim and Erik watched our kids. Then, we went to the Georgia Aquarium with them. That aquarium is really cool. It's the largest aquarium in the world and there's a part you walk through where you walk through a tunnel and see hammerhead sharks above you. It's incredible. Then there are big tanks. Here is a cool picture of a turtle that I took.

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