Monday, September 24, 2007

ECing achievement

Before anyone reads this post, let me remind you that this is an ECing blog, and therefore, I communicate openly about elimination. If you don't want to read the ins and outs of my baby's poops and pees, this post is not for you.

Ben has hit an achievement with our ECing. Before, when he'd pee, he'd always want to play in the stream. I guess that's a boy for you; Jackie never seemed to do that. However, today, we were taking our morning trip to the potty, and I'd missed with his pee. I was too slow waking up, and I didn't worry about it because he had a diaper. I was slightly worried because I didn't want either of us to have to go through the poop scraping ritual that happens if I miss and he has to poop in his diaper. So Ben was sitting on the potty insert on the toilet, and he was trying to pee. He pooped and pooped, and he got them all out on the toilet. He was so happy! Then he stopped, and just waved his hand in front over and over again, trying to feel the wet. He knew that he was pushing, so the stuff should come out. The problem is that he's already pushed all the stuff out. But he knew that he was recognizing the feeling of letting go. I was so happy for him. The scientists who claim that babies have no control over those muscles until the age of two-and-a-half have obviously not given ECing their own children the old college try.

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