Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's with the Kleenex?

Ben's new favorite thing is to pull Kleenexes out of the box one at a time until they are all scattered all over the floor and the one-at-a-time pulling system is no longer possible when I actually have to use a tissue. Jackie seemed to have an affinity for that type of thing too. I gave up putting wipes in a pull out box because that never worked for more than two days before all the wipes were scattered all over the floor, and they had carpet lint stuck to them. You'd think I'd learn. I thought I had. For a long time the place of honor for the tissue box has been on top of my TV stand where the children cannot climb on top of it even if they try to the best of their abilities. Even I have a hard time reaching the top from a two step ladder. However, I made an error today. Ben and Jackie both have allergies, so I have been wiping noses for two and a half days straight. Therefore, today, I decided to go for convenience with the Kleenex box. Big mistake. I left the room for about 10 seconds, and when I returned there were Kleenexes scattered all over the living room floor. However, I didn't check to see if they'd been mangled or not. I just rapidly scooped them up, stuffed them back in the top hole of the box, and put the whole mess back on top of the TV stand. In the end, Ben had a fun 10 seconds and now, I have a Kleenex box with tissues piled haphazardly all over it and more runny noses. Oh well, maybe I'll learn next time.

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