Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Working on blogging more.

I'm working on blogging at least three times a week and working up to every day Monday through Thursday and once every weekend. However, I'm not there yet. Today is hump day so, I'm going to use the Hump Day Hmm topic from Using My Words. This week's topic is "The Big Pink Elephant--Big cultural issue."

I feel that one of the biggest issues in our culture today is parenting. I feel like good parenting is under attack. Everyone has different styles of parenting. Good parenting entails setting boundaries, communicating with children, and helping kids to grow up and be good, decent members of society. There are many different roads to parenting. I have chosen attachment parenting for the most part. However, I have seen some really great parents who spank their kids. I've seen some really great parents who let their kids "cry it out." Some things that work for one child will not work for another. In some states, spanking in any form is illegal now. If in 15 years, the state of Washington has a high rise in teenage crime it will be because the state put some strong limits on how parents can discipline their children. There are some children who a spank won't phase them at all. There are other kids who one slight swat with an open hand on the bottom will mean a lot.

I'm not saying that beating or abuse is a good thing, but honestly, is it the government's job to tell me how to raise my kids? I want the government out of my house! I don't want the government telling me how to raise my kids, which lightbulbs I have to buy, or what temperature my house can be. Gee Whiz! I want the government out of my parenting and out of my personal business!


Ms. Teresa said...

Thanks for giving me the info to check out your blog. You are doing a great job and I enjoyed reading it. Tell Jackie and Ben that Ms. Teresa said hello through your site!

le35 said...

Thanks Ms. Teresa!!! I love you!

Catherine said...

I'm glad you joined in today, because this way I found your blog. :) I chimed in as well and would love your thoughts.

The parenting wars never seem to end, and I'm grateful anytime the marketing guilt goes away and people point out that each child, parent, and family is different. Thanks!


Julie Pippert said...

Well-said! I could not agree more. We have to fly by the seat of our pants, often, as parents, and while we may subscribe to general principles...we need to adapt to each child and situation.

So true that what work sin one case won't in another.

Glad you joined in again!

melissa said...

Welcome to Hump Day!

I agree, you have to adjust and go with the flow. I do things differently with each of my kids because they are, well, different! And each family is different, too.

Good post!

Katie said...

I agree with most of your post. It is so true that you have to parent each kid differently. My kids are on complete different ends of the spectrum. I also agree that spanking should not be outlawed. I don't spank my kids, but my parents did, and I don't think it was abuse in any way, and my parents are wonderful parents. And to an extent I think that the government should stay out or our personal lives, however, at some point it becomes important for them to step in. I could tell you stories that would keep you up at night about the things Ethan's BParents did to him, and if the government hadn't stepped in he would be dead, and they probably would have killed Adia by now too. That's reality. If the government had stayed out of thier business I wouldn't have kids. Just a thought. Thanks for your opinions. I love reading your blog, it makes me happy.

le35 said...

I think that true abuse ought to be outlawed, Katie. I just think that the government is trying too hard to get into my life. For instance the state of California is trying to pass a law that says that the power companies can run the thermostats. You don't get to choose the temperature of your own house. I also think that spanking isn't abuse. I think that abuse is completely different. There are times when the government needs to step in, but there's a point where laws start to cause more problems than they fix.