Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hump Day Hmm Post

Over at Julie Pippert's blog, there is a challenge to write about someone special who urges and inspires us. I believe in that, so I'm going to participate.

This woman is amazing. She works full time and raises two beautiful, well behaved boys. Since overcoming severe trials in the early and teenage years of her life, she has blossomed into a beautiful, loving woman. She is truly on my list of heroes (or in her case heroines). She lifts people up when they're down, and she works to make others' days better. I have not known her long, but every time I have the privilege to be around her, the love of a true friend just washes over me. I feel so grateful to have her as a friend.

A truly special thanks to Danielle for being a true friend and a great woman.

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Julie Pippert said...

Yep, I can feel the love and friendship. That's wonderful, and clearly you two have a good confidence in your friendship. Connections like that are a treasure. Awesome thing to read, thanks for participating.