Friday, April 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

This post was started Friday. Friday, friends! I'm having a horrible time getting to the internet lately. Even with it going everywhere I go with the new wireless broadband card. . .

So, I had all sorts of good ideas for blogging this week, but it seems like the weeks with the most to talk about are the weeks when I never get a chance to even check my email most days, let alone blog. The weeks when I have nothing to blog about are the weeks when I have tons of time to blog. I should just use that time to write all the things I didn't write about in the other weeks, I guess. Well, I was tagged by my friend Kristene last Tuesday (the 15th), and I haven't responded YET! Gee whiz. Sorry Kris. So here's my response.

Best Meal: I think one of the best meals I know is either Japanese Steakhouse, where they cook on the grill in front of you. I love that! I usually order steak and chicken, and they have that great seafood sauce. It's SO yummy. On top of that, I love the show. Jackie and I are always very animated, and the cook usually loves having us at the table as well. It's either that, or going to The Melting Pot where you get to do your own fondue. The chocolate fondue is some of the yummiest food on the planet. IMHO.

Best Hobbies: One of my very favorite hobbies is to sew. If you haven't seen my website (a shameless plug, but it is mine) is I also love to play my instruments. My favorite being my marimba.

Best Vacation: Well, my very best vacation was my honeymoon. But since we didn't have any kids with us ;) I will reserve that for the next one. The next best vacation must have been Catalina Island when I was a freshman. I went twice. It was really fun the first time, and we had fun with a whole bunch of friends. It was even MORE fun the second time when my friend Katie and I went with a whole bunch of eighth graders. We ended up just getting to go around Disneyland with only the two of us, and we got on almost every ride almost as we walked up, it seemed. It was one of my very favorite times in an amusement park. Thanks Katie! Since we were kids, we were with a whole bunch of other kids.

Best Vacation Without Kids: The very best vacation I've ever been on was my honeymoon, and my husband and I were just the two of us. My husband and sister call it planes, trains, and automobiles. We flew from Salt Lake City to Boston and then took a train from Boston to NYC. After spending some glorious time in NYC, we drove to Hershey Pennsylvania.

Hershey park is my very favorite amusement park that I've ever been to. The roller coasters are big and fast, but not too scary. The air of the park is great, and there's a wonderful, family friendly feel to the park. I loved it, and I'm very much looking forward to a day when we can go back. From Hershey, we trained to Williamsburg, VA. If you want a town with character, Williamsburg is IT. Colonial Williamsburg is set up to be always in 1774, two years before the declaration of Independence was signed. Williamsburg used to be the capital of Virginia, and the old houses are well maintained. If you're a United States history buff, Williamsburg is definitely a place to go.

From there, we flew to Atlanta, GA so that we could have our second wedding reception. It was great fun, and my mom-in-law is a gem. The reception was basically just a big dinner where everyone could chat and get to know people. It was lovely, and I found out that my husband has some wonderful, true friends. This could have been a post all on its own. . .

Best Job I Ever Had: It was definitely being the RA in the dorms my second year of college. I made wonderful friends, helped out the other girls, and all-in-all just had a wonderful time, while getting my housing and food paid for.

Best Thing To Buy If Money Wasn't An Issue: I guess it would be my house. I would pay it off very first if money weren't an issue and then, money would not likely be an issue much again. Just think about how much money you'd have if you had no house payment or rent to pay each month???

Best Age Growing Up: The best age growing up for me was probably six. I had some really great friends, and it was before people started getting mean. Trina was a true friend, and we loved to go to the pharmacy in my home town and buy penny candies. Have you ever eaten those fruit tootsie rolls? Have you ever eaten 500 in one hour? At the age of six, that's living.

Best Toys When I Was a Kid: I guess I would have to say that I loved my Lite Bright. Either that, or my bike. When I was about 12, I bought myself my first mountain bike, and that thing took me everywhere I wanted to go until I was a sophomore and got my drivers' licence.

Best Date Before I Was Married: Well, if you can call it a date, it was when Rob came out to meet me my second year of college. Since I can't really call that a date, (I carefully made sure that we had tag-alongs pretty much everywhere we went.) I think my favorite date was Prom my senior year. Sitting on the back of the four wheeler while we went through the mud puddles was wonderful. My date and I got back to the group, and the other girls were appalled that my date would drive through the puddles. I was grinning from ear to ear.

And now, I'm tagging Melissa and Robert and Todd (I think it would be interesting if both of you did it. Good luck to you!


Katie said...

Fun. I love reading more about you, and your favorite things. I haven't thought about our Catalina Island trip in forever. It was so much fun, and I agree it was way better with just the two of us-not that it wasn't fun with everyone, it was just less stress with just us:)Thanks for reminding me about it. Love you!

Melissa said...

I'll get you for this, my pretty!

Robert said...

You left out one leg of the honeymoon, probably because it was the part I should've done best (since I knew the town best) and bombed most (since I failed to realize the times things would be open/available. We drove to Washington DC from Hershey and trained to Williamsburg from there. I'll write my response to this today and post Hump Day tomorrow.

Julie Pippert said...

Your honeymoon sounds great...just the sort of adventure to start a marriage because all that travel has so much experience and bonding!

Robert said...

Our honeymoon was a blast. We had so many fun experiences, and I just loved sharing the cities with Ellie that we had discussed so much when we were getting to know each other.

Alan & Kim said...

Sounds like you often have the same feeling we get, too... Blog Guilt, that is to say that guilty feeling over not having updated your blog as often or as recent as you would like to. We get this way, and then feel like we have to apologize for our negligence, and proceed to update on everything. Not sure the remedy, but I think everyone loves it when you do post, and are understanding when life gets too busy otherwise. That's how I like to think about it!

First google search for the term I just thought up (and clearly I'm not the first):

James and Kristene Armstrong said...

Thanks for doing this El. It's fun to learn more about you. :)