Tuesday, April 8, 2008

America's Next Top Model

I have really enjoyed the show America's Next Top Model, and sometimes when I've been upstairs sewing, I have watched several episodes in a row. It's interesting to see that world. However, as a parent, I am upset. I don't feel like anyone should show any type of nutidy during family hours. I'd prefer that no one showed nudity on TV at all. I guess after the famous Super Bowl incident where a nipple was exposed and very little was done to the performer or the station because "It was an accident," I have little faith in the FCC. However, I have signed this petition to the FCC and I encourage more people to sign it. I have watched this show many times in the past and a couple of times, Jackie watched it with me, but there has never been anything like this on it before, and I would encourage it to never have anything like this on it again.

America's Next Top Model aired a nudity shoot. A NUDITY SHOOT! I'm sorry for yelling at all of you in internet land, but there it is. I'm furious. Here is a link to a petition by the Parents TV organization where you can fill out a form to file a complaint with the FCC. There is also a place where you can watch the clip. I didn't watch it because I don't want that garbage in my head, but if you don't believe, feel free to watch the clip. Here is the link.



Julie Pippert said...

I had that show or one like it on once and the kids came in and from the first question I knew i could never, ever have it on again if there was the least chance my girls could see. it was appalling on so many levels.

so I know what you mean.

As an adult who can take it for what it is and remain critical in my thinking (as in "keep my own mind," not "be mean") it can be entertaining.

But as an example for kids? Too many problems.


le35 said...


It's one thing if they air that show at 10:00 pm or midnight, but at 8 EST, 7C, that's before many parents come home on the west coast. That's on at a time when kids who are just flipping channels are bound to see it. That's one of my major problems with this. As a whole, I've seen this show, and I've liked it before, but I won't ever watch it again.

Robert said...

I've never been terribly fond of most reality TV, and I've boycotted that show on principle. I'm glad you're not planning to watch it anymore after this incident.

Melissa said...

I'm not a big fan of the sur-reality tv either.

But even so, I really don't like it when they don't watch the air times of some of their episodes. Thanks for the info on the petition.

Melissa said...


Are you in there?