Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boston #1

For my birthday, Rob gave me an envelope with a plane ticket to Boston in it. Two of my sisters are running the Boston Marathon tomorrow, Patriot's Day, April 20. Rob wanted me to be able to have some time with my sisters, so here I am, in Boston! It's been so much fun, and it will still be more fun. We've walked part of the Freedom Trail (I'd like to walk more of it.) and eaten canoli at Mike's Pastries. One of my sisters and I went to Plymouth and saw the Mayflower II and saw how people lived on ships for a long time. Entire families slept in "cabins" about the size of a square kitchen table. Things were different then. There are so many things that I think I need that are really just wants. I'm SO blessed!

Saturday, we went and walked part of the Freedom Trail. It was so awesome. I bought the book, just so I could read about it. If anyone has the chance, they should buy the book, just to read the history even if they decide that they don't want to do all the walking.

Today, we went to church in Hingham, MA (15 miles from where we're staying) and then we went and flew kites on the beach (2 blocks from where we're staying). It's been really great hanging out with the family.

I'm still not quite ready to talk about the past week, but I might do it after I get home. Right now, life is still busy. Tomorrow, I'm off to cheer for my sisters, and if they don't mind, I'll post our pictures in our special shirts on the internet. Good luck Sisters!

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Melissa said...

Can't wait for the update on the Marathon!

And I'm glad you had a good time with your family. It sounds like you needed it.