Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boston #2

We've had a great time in Boston. Yesterday, my brother-in-law, the kids and I drove around, so we could cheer for my two sisters who ran the marathon. Even with stopping often for potty breaks and photo ops, my sisters finished the 26.2 miles in just over 4 hours. Way to go.

The first part was written last night; then, I fell asleep. This was written this morning.

We planned at the very first of the day to see my sisters at miles ten and seventeen. My one sister's mom-in-law drove my sisters to the start of the race, so my sister could nurse her baby right before she started. Then, my brother-in-law, the rest of their kids, Ben, and I went to mile 10 in my sister's van. We thought that we might have gotten there too late, but in the end, we arrived just at the right time. With walking the 3/4 of a mile from where we parked to the race, we ended up standing by the street for about maybe 10 or 15 minutes waiting for them to get there. When we saw them, we started yelling their names as loudly as possible, and they ran over to take pictures by us. Right after we saw them run by, we took the kids to the potty and then hopped right in the car for another hour drive to mile 17. Once we got out of the car there, we walked another 3/4 of a mile at least to where we could see the race. Then we ended up waiting a little less than 10 minutes for them run to where we were. Again, we started yelling their names as loudly as we could and they came over. They took more pictures and gave hugs then went on their way. They said that having us come and at those intervals was the best. Those miles were good miles to drive to, but they were also good miles for the runners. It was almost spaced out at intervals of thirds, so they had something to look forward to throughout the race. My brother-in-law and I were hoping to get to see the finish, but due to unforseen events, we missed seeing the finish by 10 minutes. We did get to take pictures of them with their medals. It was really fun. I'm glad that Rob gave me this gift for my birthday.

Yesterday, I took one of my sisters to the airport really early and then I came back and went with the other and her family to Plimoth Plantation. (The spelling is strange because that's how it was written in a man's journal.) The plantation is a small tract of land with houses and cottages built to show what life was like in 1627 Plymouth. The people there act just like they would have in 1627. They do the "scullery" meaning wash the dishes just like they would have then and they plant their gardens. It's pretty interesting. There is also a place where they show how the Native People would have lived then and how it's different for them now. If anyone is in the Boston area, go see Plymouth. Plymouth and The Freedom Trail were amazing.

Today, I fly home. I hope to post on today's hump day for Julie's blog tomorrow.

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