Thursday, March 6, 2008


Truth is truth. However, what some people believe is not truth. We are on a quest to find truth. The question is: Is truth simply a matter of perspective, or is there a truth that we have a quest to find? I believe in the latter. There is a universal truth. I need to find the truth and learn.

Generally, I'm not a big Youtube fan, but this video is amazing. If you get a little angry in the first half, please keep watching because by the end, it's incredible.

So, is the truth the first half or the second half? I know people who would agree with each.


Robert said...

I loved that video, and I believe in the second half. I know it in my heart. Thanks for sharing it.

Katie said...

You were right. At first I was upset. I am naturally an optimist, I do believe that the world can be, and often is a great palce, and I believe that people can make a difference. So the first part seemed really ugly to me, but I love the way that they turned it around. I do believe the second part. Thanks for sharing this video. It is great.

Rachele, Blake, Cole and Brady said...

I loved that video. Thank you so much for sharing that. I too wasn't very happy with the first part but at the end when it turned around it was really neat to see how much it changed.

Kimberley said...

I was interrupted the first time I watched it, during the first half until you came to where it reversed. So I had to rewind it and watch it again because I did not understand why it would make you mad. I thought it was really cool going backwards. I could not believe how the meaning changed so much, very cool. Kim

Melissa said...

That was pretty cool!

We're doing a Bible Study right now where we are comparing translations and punctuation (yeah, I'm a geek), and some of the theological meanings that change on a semi colon are amazing.

Oh, and.....

HAPPY BDAY! Early, but I have a performance tonight (and one last night) and two tomorrow and will probably spend much of Monday sleeping it off. :)