Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hump Day Hmm March 5, 2008

The more I do the Hump Day Hmms, the more attached to them I get, so please mozy over to Julie's Using My Words blog. This week's topic is: What do you think about how courts, employers, and others use blogging against bloggers? Should courts be able to impose censorship on bloggers? Should employers be able to ban bloggers from blogging, or restrict it?

I think that the courts shouldn't be able to restrict blogging in any way that they cannot restrict news papers or any other form of media. However, media does have restrtictions, and I think those are for the best. Knowing that there are those restrictions, the government has the same right to restrict bloggers. For some people, blogging carries more weight than other forms of media. Peoples' blogs are the new news.

Should employers be able to restrict blogging? Most definitely. It's your personal choice whether or not you want to work for a certain company. If you're, for instance, a computer programmer, you should not be able to put out the ideas for the programs you're working on. It isn't fair to the company because another company may come out with the software. Not everyone has ethics, so some companies have to protect themselves. Yes. There are definitely places to restrict blogging. However, I don't think that these times are very often or very broad.


Robert said...

I think blogs are very free-wheeling right now, and even those people who are restricted from writing about a spouse under their own name can probably blog "anonymously" and get away with it. To restrict them even as much as the media is restricted would take a huge effort. I agree that a lot of people turn to blogs for their news, which is often unfortunate because the bloggers often have it third or fourth hand so it already has a slant but it also is very diluted. Not sure this response is making any sense now, though. I agree with your point of view, though.

Julie Pippert said...

As you know, I feel differently, but I *always* appreciate that you weigh in with your own words.

(And sorry to JUST NOW comment. ACK!! I am so far behind it's crazy.)