Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three AM Poops

Lately, Ben has had a really hard time sleeping at night. Last night he woke up between midnight and one and had a hard time going back to sleep. I put him on the potty because I noticed that he needed to potty, and he peed and peed and peed. Then, I went and cuddled him again and gave him another bottle, so he could settle down, but he didn't settle down. About 2:30, I noticed that he was really working on pooping. He sat on the potty and he pooped. Then he kept pooping, and he kept pooping some more. He held his arms out to me, and I asked if he was done, he said, "No!" But he kept holding his arms out. So, I knelt on the floor by the toilet and gave him a hug while he was pooping. That's what he wanted. We must have sat like that for 10 minutes. After he finished pooping, I said, "Go get a diaper." He said, "No!" He fussed and struggled when I put his diaper on. Then, at about 3:15, I loaded him into the van for a trip around town. 45 minutes later, he was finally asleep enough that I could drive into my driveway. I crawled into bed with him next to me, and we slept pretty well until I had to get up this morning.

There are days when Ben will take my hand, lead me into the bathroom, and pat the potty seat. I'll put him on it, and he will pee. Mostly, I believe in ECing in that I believe in communicating with my children about their elimination needs, and I believe in catching as many poops and pees in the potty as is easy that day. Mostly, I'm a part time ECing mom. I don't like that my kid has to sit in his own waste for any length of time, but in this day and age, some amount of diapering really just makes sense.

I think that Ben may be ready for some diaper free time, full time cloth diapers, and full time ECing for the next little while. Maybe we'll be done in a month if I do it now. He seems interested.

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Robert said...

Here's hoping it really happens in a month!