Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found my camera. . .

Have you ever heard the Found a Peanut song? Well, here is a new verse to that song that my heart is singing today.

Found my camera
Found my camera
Found my cam-er-a today
Today I found my camera
Found my cam-er-a today.
In the van seat
In the van seat
It was in the folded back
In between the
folds of van seat
Found my cam-er-a today
I was so sad when I thought that I'd left my camera at the Relay for Life, but I must have put it on the back seat and then folded the back seat into the floor to put the stroller in. I took some pictures of the nest today, but it's too late to try to post them tonight. I'm falling asleep. I'm hoping that I can post the pictures of the nest tomorrow.


Robert said...

I knew you'd find it
Knew you'd find it
Knew you'd find it in the van.
Now instead of only wishing
to take pictures, now you can.

Glad you found it.

Julie Pippert said...

I do know that song (LOL and LOL harder at Robert).

Glad you found it!

le35 said...


That's a great verse.

Thanks. :)