Friday, March 28, 2008

Pictures of the nest

I know that after yesterday's post, some people are on the edge of their seats waiting for pictures of the birds' nest. OK, so maybe not, but as promised, here they are.

This is a picture of the box of garbage bags with the nest in it.
Closer up image of the nest. You can see the papers the birds used as well as the pine needles
There are two eggs in the nest. They are white with red speckles.
In taking these pictures, I did not touch the nest. However, I haven't seen the birds for a few days. I'm hoping that they come back, but if not, I might still try to see if I can find some way to incubate the eggs. They're beautiful, and those baby birds deserve a chance. It's not their fault their parents chose a scary place to put their nest.


Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

I'm praying for the birds, too!