Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Money Money Money

Money is a necessity in this world. When we need anything, it costs money. In fact, almost everything costs money. Strangely enough, even learning how to fix money problems can cost money. When people are scraping pennies to feed their families and pay rent plus minimum payments on their debts, they can sometimes cringe when it comes to paying even more money to try to get out of debt. If you're not absolutely certain that the program will work, why would they pay their precious money to get out of debt.

When we're in debt and stressed about money, we become more attached to our needs and less attached to our kids. As an attachment parent, I don't want my money problems getting in the way of my attachment to my kids. We can become a slave to debt. Instead, (no matter how much or little money we make) we can live within a budget, get out of debt, and start paying more attention to our kids than our money again.

Here is a treasure chest full of good money saving tips and finance helps on a free blog posted by a fellow attachment parent. http://crisanja-livelikenooneelse.blogspot.com/

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