Sunday, October 7, 2007


Our washer died last Saturday, so we spent the day in Tallahassee looking for a new one. On our way back, we realized that we had the vinyl tile we wanted to lay in the garage. The washer is scheduled to come this coming Tuesday, so we decided that we had to get the floor laid before the washer came. We didn't want to have it hooked up just to have to move it again. Therefore, we had get the floor in before Tuesday. That gave us three nights in a row that were up all night. Tuesday night we were up until 3:30; Wednesday night, we were up until 6:00, and Thursday night, we were up until 5:00. But our floor looks great. Here are pictures of the steps.

The floor started out like this:

Then we swept, mopped, mopped on our hands and knees, and took off the floor molding, so the floor looked like this.

Then we put floor stripper on the floor and scrubbed it in and then we had to mop up the excess

After that, we had to put embossing leveler on the floor to fill in all the texture of the vinyl that was already there.

We just got so tired that Rob just decided that he had to take a nap right there on the floor. That was 4:45 in the morning on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. We still had 150 square feet of embossing leveler to put down before 5:00 pm when our friends Patrick and Danielle would come to help us lay the tile. After staying up all night again Thursday night/Friday morning laying tile so we could use the 100 pound floor roller on it before we had to turn it in on Friday. We put the floor molding back on Saturday, and our house was put back into some semblance of order that night for Sunday. Here is the finished product.

For those of you out there who know Rob and me, you know that we're not the best do-it-yourselfers. However, we are getting much better. Rob just got a Dremel for his birthday (which is today, but he got the Dremel yesterday). That way, we could finish the floor molding around the edges. We are becoming better and better at do-it-yourself projects. Practice does help make things better. "Practice does not make perfect; practice makes permanent." Here is our somewhat permanent floor. . . Maybe we can practice do-it-yourselfing on the kids' bedroom next.

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