Monday, February 19, 2007

Introduction to attachment parenting blog

This is my blog about attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is a certain style of parenting where the parent and child become attached to one another. It is a child led parenting style. The idea is that children are born with needs and that in meeting those needs the parents and children become attached. One of those needs is to be held, so baby wearing is part of attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is a form of parenting that when a baby cries it is because the baby needs something. You cannot spoil a baby. Therefore, holding a child who is crying is a necessity instead of a way to spoil children. Attachment parents rarely, if ever, subscribe to the "cry it out" method. We work to find the root of a problem and solve it instead of just working to pacify a child. In the end, attachment parenting is a way for parents to have a guide in helping their children become more independent.

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