Monday, February 19, 2007

Introduction to ECing

ECing, also called Elimination Communication is a form of infant potty training. It also travels around the internet with other names such as Tickle Treat, Elimination timing, Infant Potty Training, and some others. The reason that I choose to use Elimination Communication as my wording is because that is what I really think it is. I do not think that I am going to really "train" my four month old to go potty in the potty every time immediately. That is what I think of when I think of potty training. Elimination Communication fits very well with attachment parenting because it is another way to communicate with my children. Elimination communication started for me when I was a mother with my first six month old baby. My friend said, "Check out this website, it's an interesting idea." And I went to It showed me that I could "catch" a pee or a poop. It also taught me to really watch my child to see what she needed before she had to resort to crying to get what she needed. Most breastfeeding mothers know their child is hungry before the child has to cry to eat. Babies cannot talk, but they have cues to tell you what they need. Babies cue before they eliminate, too. A baby may grunt or pass gas before he or she poops.

How often have you seen a mother look at her child and say, "She needs to pee." Or "He needs to poop." And then encourage their child to use the diaper so the mother can change the diaper after the baby is "completely finished." However, moms are still sometimes surprised when the baby waits until the rest of the diaper comes off and quickly proceeds to eliminate. Babies associate pottying with diapers, but sometimes we still insist that they can't possibly know. Babies also associate a breastfeeding pillow with breastfeeding. If a baby can associate a diaper with elimination and a breast feeding pillow with "It's time to latch on." Then the baby can also associate the toilet with a sound and a position. This log is going to be a practical place for my learning as I go throughout the process with my son, and I am planning on reminiscing on my experience with elimination communication with my two and a half year old daughter. This blog will also discuss my trials and victories in parenting and some fun antics of my children.


le35 said...

I put the wrong website on this. The website I went to was

Cristina said...

Was I the "friend" who told you about t his :D

I still think you are amazing for doing this.