Friday, February 16, 2007


As an attached parent, I am going to keep a journal of my time as I parent as an attached mom. My husband is also an attached dad. I had an interesting experience the other day while in Wal-mart. I was picking up some pictures that I had ordered online, and I had already come once to pick them up, but they were misplaced, so I trooped into Wal-mart with my two year old daughter and my four month old son. As we're driving up, Jackie (the two year old) announces that she has to potty. This presents a problem. I was planning on putting Ben (the four month old) in my sling and putting Jackie in my other sling (It was too cold for her to walk by herself.) So I put Ben in the tube sling, and I scooped Jackie up for a run to the potty before we had an accident.

We arrived at the bathroom and pottied uscathed, but then came the trick of putting both of my kids in the slings with nowhere to put them down. Add this to the fact that I had never worn both children at the same time. So, I pull out the diaper changing table, stand right by it, and proceed to tie my daughter onto my back. Then, I put Ben in my tube sling. As I was inserting Ben into the tube, a stranger walks in and states, "I'm so glad that there are still people in the world who believe in carrying their children. And I thought, I think that there are quite a few of us.

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