Monday, October 6, 2008

Unintentional Science experiment

Well, about a month ago, I found a Tupperware container in the fridge. I know, as a general rule, I never open the Tupperware containers I find in the fridge unless I’m absolutely certain what’s in them, and whatever was put there has been put there within the last week. Well, this one, I knew was a certain type of rice, so I wasn’t particularly worried at first. I noticed that it had a small amount of green color so I left the container on the upstairs counter. About a week later, (I know, nasty, but you have to realize that I’m living in the upstairs portion of my mom-in-law’s house, and I have to worry more about keeping my kids from destroying the downstairs portion and from destroying anything in her house.) I got up the gumption to open the container. Rob had told me that it needed to go, and it needed to go now. I decided that if it were as colorful as he said it was, then I ought to take a picture for posterity.

Three points for anyone who can tell me what type of rice this is, and an extra point for someone who can name all seven different colors of mold.


Melissa said...

Impressive, but I am clueless. Sorry.

On the upside, I feel better about my own fridge, so thanks for that! ;)

Robert said...

Glad you can feel better about yourself at our expense, Melissa. THANKS. (just kidding)

I knew what it WAS, but I'm not sure it IS anything identifiable now. :) It's still not as nasty as the time my roommate left butter in a fridge unplugged for almost a month. That nearly knocked me out when I opened it (not knowing it wasn't empty).

And of course, the fridge my roommate and I got to use only after our other roommates moved out... that one takes the cake. There were vegetables no longer identifiable in there, and things with expiration dates from before we graduated high school (and this was two and a half years later). NASTY!

Okay, I may have to write that post now... if I haven't already.