Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob

So, Rob already knows what he's getting for his birthday because we're used to talking to each other about anything over $20. Since his present cost quite a bit more than that, then he knows what he's getting. However, I think that the Wii will be good for our family, and he'll really like it. I also think that it will be good excersize for all of us, and I think that we'll want to excersize more when it's hot outside. We've been good about going on walks, but it's better when we don't have to go outside in the heat. :)

I love you bunches, Rob. Happy Birthday to you!


Robert said...

Thank you. I appreciate the gift. Hopefully we really will exercise.

Melissa said...

Happy bday!

Wii's are really cool!

Crisanja said...

wii's are sooo much fun. playing with it for 15 minutes is enough to get my heart racing like I ran a mile.