Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ben's Birthday

Ben's two year old birthday was on the 10th of this month. It was just a tiny deal with one of our closest friends' families, our family, and Grandma and Papa. He loved it. I'm sorry that this post has taken so long because I know that my kids' pictures are some of the favorite posts from most of my readers. I need to be better at downloading my pictures to my computer from my camera. So enjoy the pictures from Ben's birthday.

Ben loving his birthday cake.

Ben loves Elmo. Having an Elmo theme was Jackie's idea because she saw the plates and knew he'd love this. Here's his cake.

Ben's cake with two candles

Ben Blowing out his candles

The kids at their table eating the cake. Dinner was not nearly this exciting!


Robert said...

I was extremely proud of the job you did on the cake. And boy was it tasty.

Melissa said...

The cake is almost as cute as the kid!

Be sure and stop by soon as I'm having a giveaway this week. :)

Rachele Burtenshaw said...

I love that cake. It's my goal for Brady's two-year birthday to make a cute cake. I am so impressed with people who have good cake making skills.

lewister said...

Nice job on the cake!! Those character cake pans can be tough to execute on. Impressive. (Also, a little disturbing with the candles in the eyes. But, where else can you put them? :-)

Robert said...

I almost wrote this here because I said it when I saw the candles in the eyes - I imagine that would be a very effective way to get people to talk. (No, I don't usually think that way)