Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our house, but not for long!!!!

So, yesterday was circled with a big red mark on the calendar. Why? Because it was the end of the 20 days in which the buyers had to back out. They didn't! YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!! They are now stuck with a house that will close on Aug 27 at 4 pm. Yes. I did say that the house will close, and less than two weeks from now, we should have a big chunk of cash deposited in our bank account.

Rob and I are thinking of looking into houses that are going into foreclosure from tax leins, so we can buy a house (without a loan) wherever he ends up for school. Any one have any good ideas on that?

There is a hump day hmm today, and I might get to it later tonight and post it tomorrow, but I'm really not sure that I want to share something that personal on this blog right now. . . Anyway, so I'm really excited about our house selling for sure, and it's one more hurdle we've passed on our way to helping Rob acheive his dreams.


Melissa said...


Good news for you that it sold so fast!

When you're closer to it, I can give you some advice on the foreclosure/tax sales. That was in a past life for me.

James and Kristene Armstrong said...

CONGRATULAIONS!!!!! That's so exciting. Are you guys going to stay in Georgia or are you toying with the idea of coming back to Utah?

Robert said...

Long term, we might end up in Utah, but none of the schools I am applying to are there. Best reason I can give: if I want to end up teaching there, I shouldn't get a doctorate there, so not getting one in Utah gives me the most options to teach there (and live there). I think Utah State or BYU would be great places for me to go when I'm done, based on professors I've talked to about the up and comers in my field.

Kim said...

I hope everything closed with your house Ok. I have been tagged and so now I am tagging you at My Blog I hope that you will play! Kim