Sunday, August 31, 2008

More and More crazy life

So, I haven't posted for awhile because I haven't been exactly sure what date I was supposed to post my MotherTalk book review, and I can't find out when it was supposed to be posted. So I have waited awhile to make sure it was live when it needed to be.

Also, things are just crazy. I have some really important news to share, but I am going to make myself a deal that I cannot blog until I finish my online driving course to keep the points off my license. I also cannot blog until I finish the quilt! My poor customer! I just haven't been able to sew like I want to. So, don't expect too many posts for a little while, but I have several posts running around in my head that I'm dying to share, so I'm hoping this will be strong motivation for me to finish my projects. Also, I have to finish a training class my new online tutoring job. Therefore, I really need to figure things out. I'm hoping that I can blog again by the end of the week. Rob will only have to work a half day tomorrow, so I'm really hoping to get a lot of this done. *crossing my fingers* Good luck to me!

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Melissa said... you're busy. But you need to take a moment and pop over to my place. There's something for you there...