Monday, June 30, 2008

Settling in

There are extreme times when I feel like a horrible mom. These last few days have been some of the biggest extremes. My children have had a very hard time going to sleep and to bed ever since we moved in with my in-laws. We had just gotten some semblance of a bedtime routine down when we moved out of our house. Now, the kids keep asking if they can go downstairs and sleep with Grandma. That's hard, but it's fine. The hard part is that the kids do not have any of their own toys to play with because large amounts of toys had been confiscated to my closet at my house. I told the movers that I did not want them to pack up the garbage bags of toys in the boxes. I wanted them left out. The movers apparently didn't listen to either Rob or me in that regard because there are now four garbage bags full of toys in the storage unit in who knows which boxes buried somewhere towards the very back at least four boxes down in the stacks. Therefore, my children do not have any toys upstairs in their room. The only toys in the house are downstairs in Grandma's play room.

Don't get me wrong. Grandma's playroom is lovely and well set up. The only problem is that it's also all the way downstairs and I can't hear or watch the kids while they're down there, and I'm upstairs trying to unpack. The result is that I still have all my boxes that I planned on unpacking here piled in our half of Grandma's garage, and the entire bathroom/kitchen (yes, they are the same place) in our little upstairs is also full of stuff that is unpacked. On top of that, I'm feeling very guilty for the huge amounts of digital entertainment (read television and movies) my children have sat mesmerized by for the last two weeks minimum.

In the end, I'm really praying for Jackie to get some good birthday presents from her friends this Saturday. We got her a bike, but she won't be able to ride that upstairs, so I'm hoping that she gets some good loot. Then, maybe I'll start getting to put my house in order and my children will be tired enough at night to start sleeping.


The Burtenshaws said...

I hope you can get things unpacked and be able to feel somewhat settled. I know how hard it is to move and I feel for you and your family right now. It's so hard to move especially when you have a routine set up with the kids.

Good luck with the unpacking, living with the in-laws and also the pregnancy.

Marilyn said...

I'm not sure about the "subscribing to a reader" I'm not sure I know what you are talking about.