Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just having a chance to vent and knowing I have great friends has helped me. Yesterday and today, I have found some joy in the little things. One of my good friends had a birthday while I was out of town. Today, I took her to lunch. We just went to Burger King where the kids could play, but we had a great chat. That really made my day. Also, both of my kids are taking a nap today! Jackie is pretty much done with naps, but she was SO cranky that I told her to lay down. If she was still awake after 20 minutes she could get back up. She didn't make it 5. Now that both of the kids are down for naps, I'm going to go sew! Yay! This one's for you Katie. I bought the fabric after we talked on the phone that day, and now I'm finally getting around to sewing it. Happy day for all. Smile big.

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